"Nearly every moment of every day, we have the opportunity to give something to someone else- our time, our love, our resources." S. Truett Cathy
"Nearly every moment of every day, we have the opportunity to give something to someone else - our time, our love, our resources."
S. Truett Cathy

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Stop a minute and listen to your body.


 "Our bodies have so much to tell us. Are we listening in order to allow our dreams to manifest?" This is one of the biggest lessons that Tansy Rodgers has learned while on her journey to making her dreams come true.

We grow and expand at the edge of our comfort zone. That needs a strong mental state together with a healthy body.

You might want to push ahead while your body is saying "please stop and let's just slow down otherwise I'm not going to be able to function and be part of your plans."

When we get disconnected from our body's needs we can become discouraged, burnt out and lack motivation. This can prolong or lead you astray from what you ultimately want to accomplish.

Slowing down allows for your inner voice to show up and guide you on your path.

But what does all this really mean? And how do we do it? What kinds of feelings am I listening to? Physical feelings, like a growling stomach and tired feet? Or emotional feelings, like worry, doubt, or indecision?

Let's talk for a minute about a feeling, an intuition that will get you into action. It's your very own good advice! So, how do you know when your intuition is talking to you? How can you get to know the part of you that creates a river of healthy and inspired acts?

Get quiet. Become sensitive to you. That feeling in your body is where you'll find your intuition, and your capability to act. Your body is sending you messages, core, gut feelings, all the time. Now all you need to do is act on them.

Here are 2 steps to get you listening and reconnecting with your body:

1. Slow down.

Slow down to listen. To receive guidance and to know which next steps to take.

2. Relax and breathe.

Breathe as deeply as you can, and you'll feel something new. You'll feel. Relax. Breathe in and expand and feel into everything you've got. Exhale to soften everything you feel. Just breathe and notice what comes up. What is your body trying to tell you? Keep practicing and listening.

You can watch the whole 7 minute WISH (Wisdom Share) with Tansy Rodgers here: www.bev.co.il Scroll down the page.

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