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Trusting, Timing and Your Team

On your path to making your dreams come true, you'll encounter an issue called trust. Trust  and honesty are core foundational relationship skills. They're the glue that keep relationships together.In order to reach depth in a relationship, you need to take risks, you need to be vulnerable at times as well as have courage. You need to share your struggles so that people are able to buy your successes.Trust either allows your dream to happen, or keeps it from happening. When you don't trust, progress feels blocked and stuck. You may begin to doubt your decisions, and start compromising on your dream. You may be the very one who unwittingly is sabotaging your own dream.

The key here is to notice what's going on. When you are aware of your doubts, and fears, you can stop and regain some clarity. Ask yourself ,what stories are you making up that may be disempowering your dream? What are you not trusting, and why? How can you move this mistrust out of your way? Get clear about what you don't trust and get to the core of it. Failing to do so can cost you your dream.

Letting Go of Mistrust

"Letting go" happens when you have clarity about what you want, you've done everything there is to do, and you can relax. Stop controlling, holding back, fretting or worrying. Just Trust. Two simpler words may never have been spoken when it comes to your dream. Practice letting go by being more committed to your dream and creating empowering beliefs. Ask yourself what you can do to learn trust, or to help you let go of your lack of trust. Practice "Just Trust." It's a critical component for letting your dreams happen.

Do you trust yourself and others? Do you trust the process, your environment, the universe, the timing? Do you trust that your dream will come true? Trust is a giant obstacle for many people. If you don't have it, you'll have to find it, and you'll have to practice trusting yourself first. Trust the decisions you make, and believe that you're entitled to want your dream and to realize

it. Trust comes first; that's what allows dreams and extraordinary results to show up in your life. An effective exercise is to list on a piece of paper the things that you do trust and the things that you don't.

When it comes to making dreams come true, give your dream all you've got and see where you land. Sometimes we may fail or fall short, but then, explore what went wrong, learn from your mistakes and get back in the game.

Being Balanced

Another way to develop trust in yourself and in life, is to keep yourself healthy by being centered and balanced. Feeling good about yourself leads to greater self-confidence, which is one of the places that trust comes from. You are a product of what you eat, how you live, how you rest and what you think. All of these things filter into how you feel about yourself.

It's not about having it all happen right now. It's giving yourself some flow and leeway about what you want, trusting the timing and

the process, and being in action in some way each day on the things you love to do.

The element that's critical to making the timing work in your life is to be present. To be here, right now, enjoying and living your life. What could you change or create right now that would make a difference? You don't have to restructure your entire life this minute. Decide what you can do that will keep you centered and balanced.

In the Flow

Being in the flow means that the timing of your life is working for you, that things just seem to happen at the right time, that they flow together easily. When you're living in the flow, you're not trying or needing to control and manipulate everything. Slow down and relax. Let go of some of your resistance and things will happen.

When Life Hands You More and More

When life and your dreams bring you surprises, as they inevitably will, you might begin to be concerned that you'll have too many things coming at you too fast. As more and more possibilities show up, how will you know when to say yes and when to say no?

There are some simple questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not this is right for you: Is this what I want to do now? Is this part of my dream? Is this something I'm passionate or excited about? You'll know when you're excited about something, or when it seems like a duty. The possibilities are limitless as long as you honor yourself. Follow what has heart and meaning for you. Be willing to say yes; be willing to say, "I'll think about it"; and be willing to say "no thank you".

Starting today, I will do the following to deepen my self-trust:

At home:

At work:

With others:


About the Author: As America's Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder is a Rome, Italy-based motivational speaker, specializing in goal setting, visionary thinking and team building.

Written by Marcia Wieder, Edited by Bev Ehrlich, Certified Dream Coach®.

Copyright © 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014 Dream University® Inc.

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