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Making Your Dreams Come True by Playing on a Winning Team

Although we all have a tendency not to bother others or to recruit assistance, the magic that happens whenever two or more are gathered is uncanny. I personally believe you're only a phone call away from anyone in the world that you need to contact. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Letting others help you is a form of true generosity, because you enable them to feel good about contributing to your success. Many people love to make a difference by helping others. Allow people to assist you most effectively, by learning how to make powerful requests. Get clear about what you need, make a list of the skills you need on your winning team, find the individuals who have them, and ask for what you want.

Your Current Resources

There are many reasons why others would be interested in participating with you. After all, you're a go-getter with a big dream; in its completion, your dream might benefit others. What happens out of enrollment is Magic, power and unprecedented results.

With whom should you speak? Begin by reviewing your current resources to see who's available to help. Your current resources include everyone you know, every association and organization with which you come in contact, friends of friends, printed material—everyone and everything to which you can gain access right now. Start talking to people about your dream. Tell them what it is you're committed to; help them to experience your excitement by sharing your enthusiasm with them. Then ask your resources who else they know.

New Resources

Your team need not be composed only of people who are currently known to you. When you need additional skills on the team, add new members who are outside of your immediate universe. You can find new people with the skills you need by identifying groups and associations to which they may belong. Identify networking groups that meet in your area.

Plan to attend group meetings as a non-member, go with your Purpose in mind, and be clear about the intended result. Decide in advance what kind of people you want to meet there, what you want to get out of the meeting, and what you want to communicate. Once you're there, you have an opportunity to develop relationships with all kinds of new people; plan to participate and interact with them.

Speak your dream from the moment you walk into the room, and you'll be perceived as a dynamic individual, committed to making your dream a reality. If you notice that someone is getting excited about your dream, ask how that individual would like to participate. You start with a blank slate among new people; capture the energy and input from those encounters.

Don't be afraid to call people on the phone. If you're not sure what you want to say, write out a couple of points and keep them in front of you, or practice speaking to somebody else. You will find the task less formidable if you break it down into individual components. First, compile a list of the phone numbers and have them in front of you. Then commit to making a specific number of calls each day. Get into action.

Sometimes we feel absolutely sure that we cannot get the support we want, from the people we want it most. Look for ways to share your dream and tie it into the other aspects of your life. Enroll your family in your dream by communicating what you want. Let them hear your commitment and enthusiasm. Ask them to support you, even if it's just by believing in you, and be unstoppable regardless of how they respond; tenacity often yields credibility. No matter how big your dream may be, as they watch your commitment, your family will learn how to stand behind you. Allow them to change their minds, and be open to receiving their support.

When you think about involving your family, notice your attitudes and beliefs. Is that voice inside your head saying, "My parents never thought I could do it" or "The family will think I'm off on another hair-brained scheme"? Those are just your attitudes and beliefs; you don't have to include them in what you are designing for the future

About the author:

As America's Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder is a Rome, Italy-based motivational speaker, specializing in goal setting, visionary thinking and team building.

Written by Marcia Wieder, Adapted by Bev Ehrlich, Certified Dream Coach®.

Copyright © 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014 Dream University® Inc.

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