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Your Inner Compass will Direct You.


When speaking to Gila Green about her author journey I was inspired by her deep seated belief in her "inner compass" that has "directed" and guided her to produce several poignantly written and published books.

Her journey was navigated by knowing clearly what her destination was. She knew what she wanted and began taking the necessary steps to get there as well as listening to her doubter voice and creating strategies to manage it.

Her message holds true for all of us who wish to accomplish a dream.

If you haven't dealt with your own doubts, meeting another doubter will magnify your doubt. If you've worked with your doubter, and you meet another doubter on the road, it's an opportunity to deepen your conviction and to deepen your commitment to your dream. Gila believed in her ability to write and was committed to making her books a reality.

For many of us, our journey begins with a foot firmly placed in our voice of reality. While the other foot is firmly placed in our voice of doubt.

The realist says "Be realistic, you don't have the time or money to make your dream come true. You shouldn't do this" And the doubter retorts, "and here's why!!!"

Nothing activates the doubter more by saying you'll do one thing, and not doing anything at all! It goes into a folder that it's been creating on you for your whole life and concludes, "There he goes again. All talk and no action!"

Reality is a very important part of the mix because you have to know where you are in order to design a strategy for where you want to go. Yes, you may have to look into your bank account and see how you'll carve out time in order to take the steps you need to move your dream closer to you.

Here are some doubter sentences that are helpful to notice:

1. The way I sabotage (your name) dreams are…I make her second guess herself, I make her do easy actions that don't really move her forward.

2. When I am running (your name) life, I keep her so busy that she can't work on her dreams, I make her feel she's inadequate

3. What I need from (your name) is for her to hear me and let my vote count.

Listening to the voice of your doubter will give you a list of obstacles and challenges. This enables you to then develop strategies to overcome your concerns. Your doubter has creative juices. It's useful for strategic intervention. When you listen to your doubter you become creative.

Show your commitment to your dream by taking action. In order to make your dreams come true, you need to take risks, to take risks you need to trust and believe in yourself.

There's a lot of space out there for you to create and contribute your best self in this world.

You can watch the whole 5 minute WISH (Wisdom Share) with Gila Green at Scroll down the page.

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