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Yo Yo Dieters

Yo Yo Dieters
How do you live as a person who has lost weight?

What do you do in terms of lifestyle once you no longer need to diet?

So many people can lose the excess weight, but as soon as they have done so, they don't know what to do. In fact most have never given it a thought.

They only have three default modes.
1. Life as a fat person (they've had enough of this)
2. Life as a slimmer engaging in weight loss (they can do this)
3. Life as a person who gains weight (they don't really notice this and they don’t want this)

When you’re riding a bike, you give the illusion that you’re riding in a straight line, but what you’re really doing is constantly adjusting and weaving so the overall end result is a straight line. This bicycle theory is worth paying attention to when it comes to weight management.

You might be the kind of person who knows when they need to drop a kilo or two. You'll do this and then you may put some of it back, but you’ll drop it off again. That’s like trying to ride a bicycle in a straight line. There’re constant adjustments that need to be made in order to maintain a relatively stable weight.

Now, there’ll be people who'll say to you,” You don’t need to lose weight. You look great.” Now while that might be true, you might rather do something about your weight when it starts creeping up, than wait till you're 10 kilos over weight!

For different people there’re different thresholds at which they’ll start losing weight. Some people are motivated by putting on a kilo or two and feeling that their clothing is too tight for them, while others will not seem to notice till secondary health issues start affecting their lifestyles, like diabetes, leg ulcers and other symptoms.

The yo yo dieter‘s variations in weight loss are much larger.Over time they tend to put on a huge amount of weight and then lose a tremendous amount of weight. The yo yo dieter doesn’t’ have a problem losing weight, the yo yo dieter has a problem at the point they’ve actually lost the weight and the motivation starts subsiding. Something else is happening in their minds and reasoning. Some people successfully diet for two weeks and then go and reward themselves with cake and ice cream. Clearly this is not a good choice or decision.
Yo yo dieting is not good for the body and it’s not good long term.

Observe the point at which you’re motivated to lose weight and the point at which you’re no longer motivated to lose weight.

What happens inside you to trigger a change in behavior when you reach your threshold? 

How do you live as a person who has lost the weight that you wanted to lose?

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