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Visionary, Realist, Dreamer, Doubter – Who's Running Your Business?

Do you ever feel like there are parts of you saying yes, while other parts are holding you back? There is a cast of characters that live inside of us all, and at different times we may be run by one more than  another. If you can turn the volume up on the voice of the dreamer, and the volume down on the voice of the doubter, you will create more opportunities for greater success.

What are the voices saying inside of your head? Who are the people in your life and on your team who might be playing these roles? Imagine that your dream is to take a risk, that could really grow your business. Perhaps you would quit your corporate position so you could be full time in your direct selling business or hire an employee or move to a bigger space. Here's how these voices might typically respond:

Doubter – This voice is often heard saying such things as, "I don't think that's a good idea." If you were to really crank the volume up on this voice, it could turn into a real annihilator, saying things like, "Are you out of your mind?"

Realist – "Be realistic…" If we turn the doubter down a bit, it becomes the voice of the realist. This voice is important, for it wants evidence and solid plans. The way to deal with this voice, is to give it what it needs. If you ignore it, it can sabotage you. Being realistic often offers prudence and makes us do our homework. However, if you are overly realistic, you may kill the passion around your dream.

Dreamer – Once the realist is fed (with facts and strategies) there is room for the dreamer. The dreamer says, "What if…" (the doubter often says, "But what if…") The dreamer imagines what might be possible, is an opportunist, believes in the dream and finds creative outlets. A healthy dreamer knows ways to make that dream come true. Dreamers talk about their dreams in a powerful way, with clarity and intention. Serious dreamers build DreamTeams as they get others excited about their vision. And most importantly, dreamers take action to make their dreams a reality.

Visionary – This voice says, "Anything is possible, let's dream big!" These are the folks we look up to and admire. Setbacks or failures do not stop them. They have learned the process of realizing their dreams. A visionary has a vision and they invite others to join them.

When Martin Luther King, Jr., gave that riveting speech that echoed around the world , he did not say, "I have a strategic plan, a goal, a philosophy or a manifesto. He said "I have a dream." It is through our dreams that we can change lives...our lives and the lives of the people we love and care the most about.

Visionary, Dreamer, Realist, Doubter – Who's

A visionary is not defined by the size of the dream, for dreams come in all sizes and areas of life. If you were truly living your dream, how would it be? What do you see yourself doing, where are you doing it, and who is doing it with you? How many lives would you touch and how many people would you help?

If these voices are all jumbled together and their message is garbled, the result is often confusion or inertia. The number one way that we kill our dreams, is by projecting our doubts and fears into our dreams. Each time you take one step towards what you want, you'll also be moving towards your fear. Doubts, fears, and concerns which most of us have when embarking on a new dream, do not belong in your dreams. They are part of your reality. A simple technique for avoiding this sabotaging pattern is to do this: on a piece of paper, draw a line across the middle. On the top half, write out your dream with as much detail as possible. On the bottom, write out your reality in relationship to your dream, where you are now. Include any fears or doubts you may have.

People are more committed to their reality when they have put their doubts into their dream, because reality is safer. But doubt placed appropriately, as part of your reality, allows two things to happen. First, as part of your reality, an obstacle simply requires a strategy to manage it. But more importantly with doubt where it belongs, you will now be more committed to your dream, not your doubt. All you have to do is demonstrate your commitment to your dream by taking action.

You are a dreamer at heart, which means you know what you want, what truly matters to you and you know how to make it happen. Follow your heart, dream your most important dreams and take action today. Your vision may inspire others and contribute to countless lives.

About the Author: As America's Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder is a Rome, Italy-based motivational speaker, specializing in goal setting, visionary thinking and team building.

Written by Marcia Wieder, Adapted by Bev Ehrlich, Certified Dream Coach®.

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