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Thank you for believing in me before I believed in myself!


Helping others believe in themselves helps us notice the many qualities they have which can help them attain their goals as well as invite them to work together with us to help us attain ours.

Theodore Roosevelt said, "Believe you can, and you are halfway there." Very often that belief comes from a supportive circle of family and friends. We are wired to live together and co-create together.

The belief we have in ourselves allows us to take action. And the belief we have in someone else prompts them into action. This is what my client M. experienced while working together to accomplish a dream and live a life that matters. M has not only accomplished this dream but gone on to expand and contribute from a place of deep belief in himself and his ability to seek support when he needs it.

1. Simple words of encouragement are among the easiest and most efficient things that we can do to help other people believe in themselves. Hearing something positive and encouraging, lifts our spirits, raises our self-esteem and motivates us to get into action.2. Notice the good they're doing. This helps them feel they're on the right path. Kindness begets kindness, and they will start acknowledging the good deeds of others. 3. Challenge them to be the best they can be. It might be hard at first, but it is hard to do great things if we aren't operating at our best. Help them challenge their negative beliefs and the people who don't support them. Help them notice what the naysayer' opinions may have to offer them.4.Listening to people tells them they matter, and that their ideas are worth hearing. When we listen we begin to understand what matters to them and what their goals are. This way we can better know how to inspire, motivate and support them too.

Listening actively shows your belief in what they are doing.

When we focus on helping other people, we also get to shine, develop,and act more kindly.Set an intention each morning to show kindness and help someone become better. This not only helps the other person, but it helps your personal development as well.

Make it your heart's desire to help other people.We cannot put a price on making a positive impact on somebody. There's no time like the present to focus our time and efforts on helping others.

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This is what M had to say about our work together, "Bev's coaching sessions were inspirational and reassuring. Having someone to talk to each week who believes in me was very positive. The worksheets and assignments made sure that I was thinking about the coaching over the week to organize my thoughts and prepare for the session." 

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