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Living a Life of Presence: An Evening with Nicholas Janni, hosted by Bev Ehrlich

"The only reason to give a speech is to change the world." JFK

This quote set the powerful context for the evening, and I invited everyone present to be open and see what the evening could bring us.

In my studies with Nicholas, I have experienced his ability to hold a space so spaciously while at the same time so precisely that creativity, confidence and clarity are effortlessly born and expressed.

During the evening Nicholas spoke about a path of integrated development in which we are called to both our highest possibilities of consciousness and wisdom, and also to the healing of our most wounded parts.

The latter extends into the ancestral and collective streams into which we are born and live, often without us recognising the extent of their impact.

The evening explored questions such as:

              • How can we expand our bandwidth of perception so that we open to the richness of many more dimensions of life?
              • How can we learn to listen more deeply – to ourselves, to each other, to our culture, and to the whisper of our purpose and calling?
              • How can we live and commit to more and more Presence, and less and less Absence?

Participants were also able to experience a quiet and inner stillness through a meditative exercise.

The evening left us with a sense of wanting more. I already look forward to organizing the next event. 

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