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Communication - The Human Connection


 I'm excited to share a really powerful conversation I had with Ralph Brogden about "building the business you want so that you can live the life you want." I think this message is as relevant now as it was when we spoke over a year ago.

Ralph expresses himself so clearly and obviously walks his talk when it comes to his teachings. He is a master at helping people craft and create their message.

Here are his 3 impactful steps to follow when communicating about your services:

  • Find your voice. Don't copy what everyone else is doing. Find out who you really are and what it is you wish to offer the world.
  • Master your message. It's not about what you want to say but rather about what others want to hear. You need to craft your message so that you can touch people on a deeper level. Touch them on a heart level.
  • Share with the world. Get the word out, podcasts, strategic partners and social media. And most importantly attract people who believe in your mission so that they too share your message.

"What I do…." is uninteresting to others and people stop listening to you rather quickly.

Instead, listen for a problem they have and don't want, or a result they want and don't have. People take action when they feel empowered to resolve a problem they no longer wish to have.

The more you can articulate the problem clearly for them, the more you can connect with people.

Moving away from marketing to messaging will grow your impact, your influence and your income.

People make decisions based on emotions not on logic. Make it easier for people to know, like and trust you.

So, master your message and your marketing will take care of itself.

You can watch the whole 6 minute WISH (Wisdom Share) with Ralph Brogden here: Scroll down the page.

For more resources on creating more vitality, joy and connection in your relationships, download my free 3-Part video series here:
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