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Build Confidence and Self-Belief


Faced with a difficult, stressful situation, relationship-related, your default feeling may be of defeat. Sometimes we give up the minute we see a hurdle in our path. The message is emphatically you can't ever be good enough. How can you confront and find ways of solving problems instead of always seeing them as insurmountable obstructions to any future happiness? In other words, how can you believe in yourself more? 

These are questions L. Put to me when we began to work together. Self-belief is the conviction that you have the physical, emotional and intellectual resources to achieve and get through anything you set your mind to. In other words, knowing that you can cope, succeed and grow. 

What separates those who have positive self-belief apart from the self-doubters is their can-do attitude; they consider problems as challenges they can overcome, and use failure as a learning experience and inspiration to try harder. They also feel that they have it within their power to shape outcomes and events. People with low self-esteem who recover more slowly from setbacks can learn to recognize their strengths and get into action on creating a life that really matters to them with the support of a good friend or a professional. 

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This is what L. had to say about our work together. "Bev has just been amazing! Working together with her has enabled me to regain my self-belief and confidence. Through this program, I have achieved an understanding of varied strategies and tools which has provided me with both direction and focus to better deal with life changes and lead a more purposeful life. I strongly recommend both the program and Bev Ehrlich."

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